DoDGers Los Angeles

DoDGers Los Angeles
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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Friends....means a lot to me...everybody has a friends no matter what gender male or female. Friends means a lot to me because they always with me no matter in what situation. Friends can be our advisor too, they can advise and we can follow thier advise if they ask and tell us the right thing.I always remember my friends advise when i got a big problem, thry ask me to face all my problem not run from your problem because the best solution to solve the problem is facing all your problem and try to find a solution.That advise i still hold and do when i have a problem.


  1. betul..
    kwn tu penting..
    tp make sure ko kenal betul2 sape kwn ko tu..
    kalau ok then proceed..
    kawan back stab skrg ni bersepah..
    susah nk cari kwn yg baik..

  2. hehe oke tapi cara ckp tu hehe mcmc tau je nk tujukan kat spe far