DoDGers Los Angeles

DoDGers Los Angeles
BEsball Team

Monday, February 15, 2010


Mencari-cari aku arinie...carik tiket untuk balik kuantan....hahaha..nasib dapat kalo x.....beznye x ya balik da...x de tiket berenti balaja trus bleh x?????
.........tiket-tiket nape la ko ade..hari selasa pukul "8.30 pm".....hari rabu kelas da start blik...presentation kat kelas sir fadzli...erm bhan x crik lagi...internet and techonolgy...tu name subjek die....

Jeram toi: ingat nak pegi tadi..tapi...x kesampaian...kalo x boleh mandi air terjun..wuioshhhhhhh segar weh......tapi x dpt pon..huhuh..x segar r


Sunday, February 14, 2010

presentation blog..

Bwat blog pon semate2 utk "present" je...tapi bile pkir2 blik kan kalo aku truskan "tulis blog" oke gak least dpt pengalaman baru..hee..aku nk rsa jugak macam mane orang yg selalu tulis blog ni rasa.....ajar2 la aku eh sbb baru nk blaja blogging hie...haha
Presentation blog..semalam present da kat madam...madam angguk and komen sket2 je
bpe l;a aku dapat utk blog nie kan...bpe aku dapat eh far..haha
hopefully i got better mark for this blog compare to my previous test for internet and technology..suck weyhh gle r..bwat satu bnde pon x jadi lnsg...x tau la aku slah coding or x biasa gune MACintosh ke..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Music of My LiFe

Music......Music is a thing that can release our tension....nowadays,varieties of music had been published in our Era......RnB,jazz,hiphop,rock,ballad,reggae and many more...For me i quite obses with RnB rhtyms because the music can make myself feel comfortable and calm...Rhythm and blues is a genre of popular african american music. I have my idol in this line of music which is Jamie Foxx. This guy is already success in this music. The famous song is BLAME IT .


Friends....means a lot to me...everybody has a friends no matter what gender male or female. Friends means a lot to me because they always with me no matter in what situation. Friends can be our advisor too, they can advise and we can follow thier advise if they ask and tell us the right thing.I always remember my friends advise when i got a big problem, thry ask me to face all my problem not run from your problem because the best solution to solve the problem is facing all your problem and try to find a solution.That advise i still hold and do when i have a problem.

My interest

Interest means to me is something that we like to do or to follow. First my interest is for your information I quite obses with besball and softball sport. For me this two sport is quite intersting because can you imagine in one time they bat,run,slide and stop at the base, its a quite complicated to do in same time. My favorite teams for besball team is Los Angeles Dodgers team. This team was a great team because they team fit in every aspect no matter in batting and fielder. Last season, Dodger`s win the cup of Major League Baseball known as MLB. . This is the official website for Los Angeles Dodger.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little bit about myself

Firstly, my name is Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Hassan. I come from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, i was born on 25th august 1989 and now i`m 21 years old. Now i want to introduce the reader about my parent details. Hassan Abdul Rahman is my father, he is retired, before this my father work at Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat. Now he still active and participate to his old career even he retired.My mother name is Norradah binti Ujang, she has a business. i have five sibling and im the fourth from five. That a little bit about my self..........